Weight Loss

Welcome to the Metabolic Balance weight loss program!

If you're a busy woman who's carrying extra weight that’s sneakily crept on, maybe with low energy, aches and pains, then the Metabolic Balance weight loss program is perfect for you.  But that's not all you'll feel.

Clients who have completed the MB program say they:

  • sleep better
  • notice less pain and inflammation
  • experience more energy
  • enjoy better digestion
  • feel an improvement in moods
  • have better hormone balance
  • now love food and don’t want to go back to how they used to eat
  • receive many comments from friends and family about how great they look
  • have radiant and clear skin
  • lose weight quickly and easily


"When I began my wellness journey with Catherine I was very overweight and living with debilitating muscular and joint pain, to the point where my mobility was compromised. I was scared about what the future held for my health. Six months on, everything has changed dramatically for the better.  Through the Metabolic Balance Program and, with Catherine’s knowledge and support, I have lost 16kg, am moving with less pain than I have for years and my energy levels have improved significantly.  Catherine combines a warm, caring manner with a professional and insightful approach, not to mention her vast knowledge of naturopathy .  My treatment has led to many positive and life changing outcomes and I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough.  Thank you Catherine for everything!"  J.T., Canberra


It can be so frustrating when you have health issues and can’t get answers on how to resolve them.  I had tried many different avenues from the medical streams and the natural health streams – it has been such an arduous journey.  Thankfully, working with Catherine has made such a difference to my progress.  As well as remedies she was able to provide me, I also did the Metabolic Balance Program.  Out of so many different health professionals and programs I have previously tried, the help I have received from Catherine and the MBP by far has given me the best results.  I have had no hesitation in recommending Catherine to my friends, and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to experience improvement in their health in a natural and sustainable way.  SD, Googong NSW


Here’s how the Metabolic Balance weight loss program works:

Your personalised Metabolic Balance weight loss nutritional plan is based on 37 different blood markers from a simple blood test.  That means the foods on your Plan are chosen for the exact chemistry needs of your body.  So, it’s a completely individualised nutritional plan just for you, for your body and for your metabolism.

A nutritional plan developed by science and delivered by nature using fresh whole foods.

To start, it’s a three month nutritional plan.  But in reality, this is your personalised nutritional plan to use for the rest of your life.

You learn about foods that are specific for your body.  And, you’ll carry this knowledge forever.  That means, no more fad diets, no more shakes, no meal replacements, no hunger.  Ever again.  Just real food forever.

I will be there to support you throughout your personalised weight loss plan, every step of the way

What you can expect to achieve:

Clients achieve an average weight loss of 3-6 kg a month, sometimes more, and continue to maintain their goal weight easily.

Your next action step:

Book in for a 30 minutes obligation FREE discovery call and I'll answer all your questions, and we can get to know each other.  I will let you know the next steps to getting your own personalised nutrition plan and how you will benefit from this amazing program.

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Here's what my clients are saying about the Metabolic Balance Program:

I currently look and feel the best I have in over 10 years, shedding over 11 kilos in the past 4 months.  During this time I had many celebrations and an 8 week caravanning holiday.  Amazingly, I actually lost weight while holidaying and it felt great.  This success is thanks to the Metabolic Balance Program and invaluable advice and support provided by Catherine.  The program is described as a health journey (lifestyle change) and that's the way I have approached it: determined to change sabotaging habits to set myself up for long term health and vitality.  Catherine provides all the support and material needed to follow the program and assist you to reset your mindset to achieve your goal.  The initial blood test required prior to commencing the program and analysis of the results are so comprehensive and explained clearly by Catherine.  I highly recommend anyone wishing to reboot their health to arrange an initial consultation with Catherine about how she can support you to do this.  B.C., Canberra

I started the Metabolic Balance program during a hectic work period, along with experiencing menopause symptoms.  While the program had its challenges, it was amazing and I could see and feel immediate results.  I now feel healthier, my menopause symptoms have eased and I have embedded new habits.  I have more energy and can now recognise when to adjust my food options.  My skin is glowing and I feel an inner balance.  Catherine's ongoing encouragement, positivity and support made me feel I could overcome any obstacles and achieve my goals.  She listened and gave suggestions without being intrusive.  Catherine's commitment to work with people to reach their goals is truly genuine.  She is a caring practitioner, seeing opportunities and offering encouragement always.  M.R., Canberra


After struggling with my weight most of my adult life, and having tried a range of programs with unsustainable results, I was skeptical about whether or not metabolic balance was any different.  Boy was I wrong!  Catherine is so easy to talk to and offered payment options that made the program very easy to afford.  Having said that it is worth every cent.  It’s not the easiest plan in the beginning and being organised is the key.   But again Catherine is great to work with, available to answer questions at any time and always ready to offer helpful hints.  I’m 3 months post program and feel great. My inflammation markers are gone, I have more energy and my weight is stable…..even if I have a naughty weekend with wine!!  I’m now more mindful of what I eat, portion sizes and when to eat.  I know what agrees with me and what doesn’t.  My brain fog has lifted and my mood is more stable. I no longer suffer from bloating and understand what works for me.  I would highly recommend Catherine both for this program but also as a naturopath.   She is patient and kind and that person you need when things are a little crappy.  I don’t live in Canberra so all of my consults with Catherine have been virtual and she fits around what works for you.  S.M. Cairns QLD


Catherine is amazing to work with.  She took into account my hectic work schedule, lifestyle and dietary needs and helped me come up with a plan that worked for me.  The weight loss was just one part of the overall benefits I've experienced.  By following the Metabolic Balance Program I've gained more energy and I feel more healthy with less brain fog.  My immune system has also vastly improved.  I have already recommended the program to many friends and family.  Sometimes, just making the decision to start is the most difficult hurdle but working with Catherine made it a much easier transition to a healthy lifestyle.  A.B. Braidwood NSW


The Metabolic Balance Program helped me lose 10kg.  Even more importantly, I feel better and those aches and pains I woke up with every morning have disappeared.  Catherine is very supportive and it's been wonderful to have my very own cheer squad.  Dieting and trying to get your health right can be a very lonely journey but with her help I felt nurtured all the way.  She is a light in the wilderness and her extra ideas gave me more tools for getting it all right.  I feel better and I look better.  What more could anyone want!  J.H. Stanthorpe QLD


Once I got into the swing of the Metabolic Balance Program, I found it very easy to follow.  What surprised me most was that I didn't feel hungry at all.  After about 4 weeks on my plan, I noticed the inflammation in my body was gone and my sinuses were clear.  I can seriously say that I feel better than I have in a very long time.  The afternoon fatigue has gone and I'm sleeping so much better.  I have been a client of Catherine's for several years and I'm very pleased she introduced to the Metabolic Balance Program.  My regular coaching appointments helped me stay on track and her advice was spot on. And the best thing is I now have an eating plan that I know works for me for the rest of my life!  M.K. Jerrabomberra NSW


Thank you for introducing me to the Metabolic Balance Program.  I now experience more energy, better mental clarity and I've gained the knowledge I need around food that I can use for the rest of my life.  D.F. Royalla NSW


I started the Metabolic Balance Program with a determination to lose weight and regain my health.  And, that's exactly what I happened.  Regaining my health and well-being happened quickly with my fatigue and reflux disappearing in the first few weeks.  I lost around 15kg over the 12 weeks on my plan.  It was simple to stay focussed as I wasn't hungry or plagued by cravings.  Being nourished by the food you body needs is at the heart of the program and the key to achieving your goals, whether that's weight loss or better health.  I got both and a plan for life.  D.G. Googong NSW


I thought I was looking after myself well.  I was exercising and following (what I thought) was a healthy eating regime.  But my weight was slowly creeping up.  Then Catherine introduced me to Metabolic Balance.  After a simple blood test, my new food list was organised.  Over 3 months on the plan I easily lost 12kg.  Moving through the difference stages of the program was easy and my weight has stabilised.  Catherine was always available to contact with any questions and she gave me great recipes to try.  I found being organised and pre-prepared was the key to sticking to my plan.  I can now choose my food with a better understanding of what I should eat and I'm now ready to make this way of eating my life long plan.    TT. Googong NSW


Read more about the Program by going to the Metabolic Balance Australian and New Zealand website.   Click here