The 5 Faces of Burnout

You’ve probably heard the word “burnout” but what is it and how does it affect women?

We all lead busy lives.  There’s pressure on us from so many sources, some we’re not even aware of.

It’s exhausting.

Have you ever felt so fatigued on an ongoing basis that you begin to think that it’s normal, that you’ll always feel that way?  Have you noticed change in mood, sleep or digestion?

In the past I’ve felt like this:

A lot of women do.

Some of my clients have even been prescribed antidepressants for fatigue.  They’re not depressed.  They’re simply exhausted.

Burnout – a state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress

The physical and emotional effects will always present in ways that are unique to you, but here are 5 of the most common profiles I see with women in Clinic who are heading towards or who are already burnt out.

Some characteristics cross over the different faces, but all versions have an impact on physical, mental and emotion health.  All of them are real.

The 5 Faces of Burnout

The Driven Woman

We all know a woman like this.  Highly motivated.  A woman who seems to have endless energy.  A woman who makes you exhausted just listening to her or watching her move at a seemingly fast pace through the day.

There’s a saying – if you want something done, give it to a busy woman

She is:

  • constantly active and soldiers on
  • efficient while doing many things at once
  • thrives in stressful situations
  • doesn’t get hungry but grabs food along the way
  • an early riser (at the gym at 5 a.m.) and late to bed (finishing off stuff)
  • can’t get to sleep because of a racing mind and endless mind chatter
  • agitated and anxious when things don’t go to plan


The Disrupted Woman

She is:

  • the frantic multi-tasker
  • the giver, often sacrificing her own needs
  • eating irregularly and looking for quick energy fixes
  • falling asleep but waking from 1-4 am to toss and turn, then dosing towards dawn
  • waking feeling groggy and tired
  • struggling with energy slumps through the day
  • feeling irritable, moody, frustrated and sometimes aggressive

The Disconnected Woman

She is:

  • withdrawn, a constant feeling of unease
  • has no energy or motivation, often teary
  • sleeping too much or has light, broken sleep, tossing and turning
  • struggling to concentrate and remember things
  • has digestive upsets
  • has no appetite but has unhealthy cravings
  • a low libido

The Depleted Woman

She is:

  • exhausted with no motivation
  • flat with depression and/or anxiety
  • no libido – it left the building along with motivation
  • brain fog with poor memory, concentration, loss of words
  • dealing with chronic health issues and inflammation
  • falling asleep during the daytime
  • emotionally numb

The Dependent Woman

She is:

  • looking for ways to cope
  • often self medicating with caffeine, alcohol, food or medications
  • has addictive tendencies – physical and emotional
  • experiencing anxiety or panic attacks
  • dealing with chronic health conditions
  • totally exhausted with very low energy

Ok, so you think you can relate to some of those symptoms. 

What’s next?

Self acceptance is the foundation of a healthy self esteem.

  1. Recognising where you are at physically, emotionally and mentally is the first step.
  2. Be kind to yourself.  You’re not alone or going crazy.  If you ask around, many women are exactly where you’re at.
  3. Look at the stressors in your life.  Where can you create change?  Outsource?  Incorporate relaxation on a regular basis?  Be mindful?  Put aside time for caring for yourself?
  4. Reach out for help.  It can be me or another professional, but in my experience you need guidance and support, someone to sort through your symptoms to get to the bottom of how you got there.  Let’s face it.  If you could feel better by yourself, you would have already done that.

I can help with each and every stage of burnout, help you to recognise when you need support and take you step by step towards recovery and rebooting your energy.

Getting your health on track is so much easier now.  You can book to see me at the Clinic, but if you’re busy, why not book a consult over the internet or by phone.

You can do that by clicking here.

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