9 Simple Ways to Feel Amazing Every Single Day

Detox programs usually get rolled out twice a year – after winter and after Christmas, because that’s the time we usually feel sluggish and tired.  There’s always a flurry of different versions encouraging you to sign up for programs, register for challenges on social media and to drag your juicer out of the cupboard and get detoxing.

But, there are some surprisingly simple every day ways to help your body to detox more efficiently.  Simple daily habits that are not hard or expensive.   All it takes are a few changes and some commitment.

It’s all about building in healthy habits on a regular basis to support your body in its detoxification process.

First, make your habits, then your habits make you.  Jim Kwik

Our bodies have powerful and efficient detox systems already in place.  These systems can become overloaded and sluggish for lots of reasons, so it makes sense to keep things ticking along nicely all the time.

Here’s 9 simple tips to reboot your body’s detox systems:

Drink more water

If you want to flush toxins out faster you MUST drink water.  Your liver and kidneys need a lot of water to work efficiently so give them a helping hand.

Do this – If you struggle with drinking enough water, try adding a slice or two of fresh lemon or lime to your glass or water bottle.  If lemon is not your thing, try a slice of fresh ginger root, some mint or cucumber, all of which are alkalising as well.

Get better quality sleep

Most of our body repair happens while we sleep and our liver does most of its catch up work then too.

Do this – turn off the TV in the bedroom, make sure the room is dark to kick your natural biorhythms back in and leave your mobile in another room.    You can read more about sleep and what might be keeping you awake here.

Give your body a break

Nothing clogs up your detox pathways more than caffeine, alcohol, sugar and processed food.   And if you smoke, make quitting a priority.

Do this – feeling bloated?  Give yourself a 2 week break from the above bad habits as well as grain products – guaranteed to make you feel AMAZING!

Eat whole foods

Our bodies know what to do with whole foods – they digest them well.  The same can’t be said for additives and other chemicals found in processed foods.

Do this – stay clear of processed foods.  This will reduce your toxic load of preservatives, additives, colourings and flavourings.

Give  your liver a boost

Your liver is the hardest working organ you have and sometimes it needs a little help to catch up.

Do this – vegetables like broccoli and kale contain nutrients that your liver needs to help with detox processes.  And, eating only real food (not processed) will make a huge difference.

Or – if you feel your liver needs more than a little boost, perhaps you should consider taking a liver herb like St Mary’s Thistle which will help your liver deal with the backlog of toxins and rejuvenate tired liver cells.

Support your kidneys

Your kidneys work 24 hours a day to eliminate waste.  Alkalising your system will help your kidneys do a better job – they really struggle in an acidic environment.

Do this – eat more dark leafy green vegetables, add a squeeze of fresh lemon to your water and even try a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in water.  All will help to alkalise you.

Move your body and sweat

We’re designed to move – it actives our lymphatic system to remove toxins from our bodies.  Sweating is also a natural way of removing toxins.

Do this – you don’t have to take up high intensity sport or marathon running, but if you get your body moving like brisk daily walking, you will help to eliminate stored toxins.

Eat more fibre

Increasing soluble and insoluble fibre in your diet will improve your digestion and help you to maintain regular bowel movements which are needed to remove waste from your body.

Do this – increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and legumes.

Reduce toxin exposure

There are many simple ways to reduce the toxic load your body is exposed to every day by being aware of chemicals in your environment, on our food, in our water, in cosmetics, in plastics and in many other areas in our lives.

Do this – wash all fresh produce before eating it, use stainless steel, ceramic or cast-iron cookware, don’t use teflon coated cookware, use glass food storage containers, use natural personal care products, use natural household cleaning products, avoid dry cleaning your clothes and try not to handle thermal printout receipts.

These are merely a few simple ways to support your body’s natural detoxification systems.

If you feel you need extra help to reduce your toxin load, I offer a Three Week Detox Reboot which you can find out more about by contacting me here.

With your health in mind,

Catherine x

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