Habit timeline:  how long until it’s second nature?

Is there a habit timeline?  I mean, how long does it take to create a habit that’s so ingrained you no longer need to think about it?

How long until it’s easy?

I’ve seen the numbers floating around:  21 days, 28 days, 66 days, all the way up to 254 days.

The truth is

Habits don’t magically become automatic and set in stone just because the days roll by.  Habits are created by laying down new and solid neural pathways in your brain.  And that takes repetition and consistency, not the passing of time.

One month, or six months can tick over on the calendar and you may have repeated the habit once a week, twice a week or when you thought about it.  That doesn’t make a habit.

It’s not the time that passes, it’s the effort and consistency you put in that counts

Look at the positive and healthy habits you want to create not like chores to be crossed off.  Habit building is not about working hard for 21 or 66 days and, then you’re done.

Habits are like compounding interest

Imagine if you’d automatically saved 10% of your wages since you started work (even as far back as a teenager) and never touched it.  Each weekly deposit wouldn’t have been enough to get you excited, but the consistency would now show an impressive balance.  You’d be excited now!

Habits are a lifestyle that you decide to live

First, you create and develop good habits – then your habits run behind the scenes and create who you are and the life you want..

Small Action Step

Own your habits, good and bad.  If they’re good, keep going.  If not, take steps to change to habits that will improve you and your life.

Do this – write out a list of habits you want to make or change today, right now.  Then make a plan.  Here’s a worksheet to help you.

Small steps, big results.

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With your consistently fabulously great new habits in mind,

Catherine x

If you're looking for more energy, better mood, and motivation to reboot your health, I'll show you how. I love working with motivated women like you, women struggling with fatigue, moods, hormones and staying on track with everything that makes us women. I listen, investigate and then work with you step-by-step to get your energy and health back on track so you can be busy, focused and energetic. As a Naturopath, Herbalist, Certified Consistent Habits Coach and Clinical Aromatherapist I can help you to Reboot Your Energy and Rebuild Your Life.

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