What your handwriting is telling you about your brain

We all know about brain cells (called neurons), but did you know that about two thirds of your brain are immune cells (called microglia)?  They’re there to clean up the dead and dying brain cells to make room so your brain can work better.

Unfortunately, this process can be affected by a few things like stress, unstable blood sugar, food intolerances, mood disorders, all of which increase brain inflammation and that’s when brain degeneration can escalate faster than normal.

From birth, your brain is constantly going through a process of neurodegeneration (cell death) and neuroplasticity (creating connections between existing neurons).  It’s happening every second of every day of your life.

What you want to focus on is neuroplasticity – building new connections between healthy brain cells.

Neuroplasticity happens when you use your brain – it’s as simple as that.

Your brain is like every muscle in your body.  Use it or lose it!  The less you use and stimulate your brain, the weaker it will become.

What Your Handwriting is Telling You About Your Brain

These days we’re writing less and less, using keyboards and touch screens to communicate in a faster and more convenient way.  When was the last time you sent a handwritten letter rather than a quick email?

Learning to write uses a complicated process of motor skills, hand:eye co-ordination and practice.  It takes many parts of the brain to work together which is why it’s a valuable support for brain development and why it takes so long to learn correctly.  One of the best styles of writing is cursive writing but unfortunately this style has fallen away from mainstream education and some children now don’t learn to write well at all.

When was the last time you wrote something by hand?

If you compare your handwriting now from say 10 years ago, what changes can you notice?  Is it messier, does it have a different slope, perhaps it doesn’t stay straight on the page, or maybe it’s a lot smaller than it used to be?

If your handwriting has become worse, then it can mean that certain areas of your brain are degenerating too quickly and need working on – NOW!

Here’s what you can do

Try increasing your handwriting skills by writing a paragraph or two on most days.  Practice being precise and neat.  You only need to spend a couple of minutes, but this simple practice has so many benefits:

  • it connects healthy neurons in your brain (neuroplasticity)
  • it stimulates ideas which will enhance your creativity
  • it declutters your thoughts bringing calm to your world
  • it builds your memory muscle

What does your handwriting look like?

Do you write every day, perhaps in a journal?

With your health in mind,

Catherine x


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